The Green Breakfast Beverage Recipe (As Seen On Dr Oz)

*Ingredients listed below (or see these other fat-scorching recipes)

Are you looking for the recipe to the green drink recommended by Dr Oz? This is one of the most popular ways to start the morning off right. It’s great for getting your metabolism a nice energized boost, and it is packed with essential nutrients to revitalize the body. Nutrition is of course one significant component in healthy weight management, and it doesn’t get any simpler than the green breakfast beverage.

Now, let’s see exactly how to make this healthful breakfast beverage.

Doctor Oz’s Green Drink Recipe

Ingredients for breakfast beverage recipeMix the following raw ingredients in a juicer or blender:

  • Quarter pineapple
  • Two cups spinach
  • Quarter lemon
  • Half cucumber
  • Quarter lime
  • Quarter head of celery
  • Quarter orange
  • Half bunch of parsley
  • One bunch of mint
  • Three whole carrots
  • Two whole apples
  • Two handfuls spinach
  • One banana

*You can also add some unsweetened fruit juice to help the ingredients liquefy more easily in a blender.

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Doctor Oz has personally concocted and perfected the recipe to his “green drink”, and once he shared it with his audience, it was an instant hit with the weight loss enthusiasts.

It’s an effective fat burner because it is very low in calories and high in fiber. On top of that, it is extremely rich in essential vitamins. By consuming the green drink, the body is more efficiently and more slowly absorbing the required nutrients for normal healthy body function. Because of this gradual and more efficient absorption, the body has less of a need to produce insulin. Getting your body’s insulin production to a healthier level will lead to less fat storage.

The high fiber content also ensure that the body is able to evacuate toxins, starches, and rapid-absorption components of unhealthy foods more readily.

It just means your body will turn into a fat burning machine!

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It’s not necessary to follow this recipe 100% exactly. You can always leave out some of the ingredients or change the amounts to taste. The above green drink recipe is just what Doctor Oz has recommended on his show. The more closely you follow Doctor Oz’s green drink recipe, the better results you will experience.

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