Dr Oz Green Drink: Pure Green Coffee Extract Warning!

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Is pure green coffee extract everything it’s cracked up to be? Can we really trust the Dr Oz Green Drink to be the miracle solution for shedding those extra pounds because it doesn’t require changing our diet or exercising at all?

Let’s first watch the response from the authority on weight loss himself, Dr Oz of the Doctor Oz Show, because he’s trusted by millions around the country with their health:

Doctor Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract Controversy

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Be Wary of Scams Because They’re Everywhere Online!

Like Dr Oz says, be wary of scams that try to sell you the fake stuff because there are quite a few out there! Be sure that it includes GCA and at least 45% Chlorogenic Acid because those are the active ingredients and key factors to metabolizing fat.

Be sure that you can read this on the label before you purchase it online (as shown below or see it here) because if you can’t, how do you know it contains anything that really works?

Remember, chlorogenic acid and GCA are what you want because they are the only things scientifically and clinically proven to work as claimed.

The links here will take you to the genuine, recommended retailer. There are other genuine retailers online, but again…

**Be certain that you can read the actual label before you commit to the purchase!

This is because manufactures are required by law to tell you what is really in their products on the label. If it’s not on the label, it’s probably not in the product.

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When the Dr Oz Green Drink was revealed on the Doctor Oz Show and the miraculous weight loss properties of pure green coffee bean extract was revealed, hundreds of websites suddenly popped up offering to sell pure green coffee extract supplements as the “miracle weight loss solution”.

This is because they took advantage of the government study on green coffee for weight loss and utilized hyped-up marketing ploys to sell what they claimed to be “pure green coffee bean extract”.

Companies often use the word “pure” as a marketing ploy, but now most have realized that doing the proper amount of research before making the purchase is critical to getting a quality product that actually works.

As seen in the video above from the Doctor Oz Show, green coffee bean extract must have specific ingredients for it to be as effective as what his audience and the government test subjects experienced…

…because without those ingredients explicitly listed on the label… you may very well be buying a placebo.

raw-beansPure green coffee bean extract must contain the appropriate amount of GCA. GCA stands for Green Coffee Antioxidants, and the higher the concentration the better the properties for weight loss.

It may also contain Svetol because it is just a brand name version of CGA, but it won’t say both on the bottle because they are the same thing. Just make sure that you see one or the other is included.

You also want to make sure you look at the amount of pure green coffee that is included within each tablet because taking 800 mg of GCA daily is the ideal dose for efficient and steady weight loss.

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Anyways, the experiment Dr Oz had done himself with all of the audience members was very in-depth and supervised by health and science experts because they wanted to justify his earlier claims that green coffee bean extract is in fact the miracle weight loss supplement (to some degree).

It is miraculous because it allows people, no matter their body type, to lose weight without making any changes to their daily routines. There is no need for dieting or going hungry, you do not have to do any sort of exercising with it whatsoever… and… again, it works for everybody – both men and women of all shapes and sizes.

Imagine if you combined the right pure green coffee bean extract supplement with a healthy weight loss regimen that does include diet and exercise? You would see dramatic results very quickly because you are then attacking the fat from all possible angles.

Dr Oz’s Study On Green Coffee With Help From His Audience

If you are wanting to see the episode of the Doctor Oz Show where he used the help of the audience and consulted weight loss experts and scientists to justify the miraculous fat burning properties of green coffee bean extract, you can find it on his own website: Click Here To See The Episode On His Official Website

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    So this actually works for men too? This looks to good to be true, but it must work based on what I just saw…

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