Dr Oz Green Drink: Pure Green Coffee Extract Warning!

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Is pure green coffee extract everything it’s cracked up to be? Can we really trust the Dr Oz Green Drink to be the miracle solution for shedding those extra pounds because it doesn’t require changing our diet or exercising at all?

Let’s first watch the response from the authority on weight loss himself, Dr Oz of the Doctor Oz Show, because he’s trusted by millions around the country with their health:

Doctor Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract Controversy

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Be Wary of Scams Because They’re Everywhere Online!

Like Dr Oz says, be wary of scams that try to sell you the fake stuff because there are quite a few out there! Be sure that it includes GCA and at least 45% Chlorogenic Acid because those are the active ingredients and key factors to metabolizing fat.

Be sure that you can read this on the label before you purchase it online (as shown below or see it here) because if you can’t, how do you know it contains anything that really works?

Remember, chlorogenic acid and GCA are what you want because they are the only things scientifically and clinically proven to work as claimed.

The links here will take you to the genuine, recommended retailer. There are other genuine retailers online, but again…

**Be certain that you can read the actual label before you commit to the purchase!

This is because manufactures are required by law to tell you what is really in their products on the label. If it’s not on the label, it’s probably not in the product.

Get pure green coffee bean extract that works
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When the Dr Oz Green Drink was revealed on the Doctor Oz Show and the miraculous weight loss properties of pure green coffee bean extract was revealed, hundreds of websites suddenly popped up offering to sell pure green coffee extract supplements as the “miracle weight loss solution”.

This is because they took advantage of the government study on green coffee for weight loss and utilized hyped-up marketing ploys to sell what they claimed to be “pure green coffee bean extract”.

Companies often use the word “pure” as a marketing ploy, but now most have realized that doing the proper amount of research before making the purchase is critical to getting a quality product that actually works.

As seen in the video above from the Doctor Oz Show, green coffee bean extract must have specific ingredients for it to be as effective as what his audience and the government test subjects experienced…

…because without those ingredients explicitly listed on the label… you may very well be buying a placebo.

raw-beansPure green coffee bean extract must contain the appropriate amount of GCA. GCA stands for Green Coffee Antioxidants, and the higher the concentration the better the properties for weight loss.

It may also contain Svetol because it is just a brand name version of CGA, but it won’t say both on the bottle because they are the same thing. Just make sure that you see one or the other is included.

You also want to make sure you look at the amount of pure green coffee that is included within each tablet because taking 800 mg of GCA daily is the ideal dose for efficient and steady weight loss.

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Anyways, the experiment Dr Oz had done himself with all of the audience members was very in-depth and supervised by health and science experts because they wanted to justify his earlier claims that green coffee bean extract is in fact the miracle weight loss supplement (to some degree).

It is miraculous because it allows people, no matter their body type, to lose weight without making any changes to their daily routines. There is no need for dieting or going hungry, you do not have to do any sort of exercising with it whatsoever… and… again, it works for everybody – both men and women of all shapes and sizes.

Imagine if you combined the right pure green coffee bean extract supplement with a healthy weight loss regimen that does include diet and exercise? You would see dramatic results very quickly because you are then attacking the fat from all possible angles.

Dr Oz’s Study On Green Coffee With Help From His Audience

If you are wanting to see the episode of the Doctor Oz Show where he used the help of the audience and consulted weight loss experts and scientists to justify the miraculous fat burning properties of green coffee bean extract, you can find it on his own website: Click Here To See The Episode On His Official Website

The Green Breakfast Beverage Recipe (As Seen On Dr Oz)

*Ingredients listed below (or see these other fat-scorching recipes)

Are you looking for the recipe to the green drink recommended by Dr Oz? This is one of the most popular ways to start the morning off right. It’s great for getting your metabolism a nice energized boost, and it is packed with essential nutrients to revitalize the body. Nutrition is of course one significant component in healthy weight management, and it doesn’t get any simpler than the green breakfast beverage.

Now, let’s see exactly how to make this healthful breakfast beverage.

Doctor Oz’s Green Drink Recipe

Ingredients for breakfast beverage recipeMix the following raw ingredients in a juicer or blender:

  • Quarter pineapple
  • Two cups spinach
  • Quarter lemon
  • Half cucumber
  • Quarter lime
  • Quarter head of celery
  • Quarter orange
  • Half bunch of parsley
  • One bunch of mint
  • Three whole carrots
  • Two whole apples
  • Two handfuls spinach
  • One banana

*You can also add some unsweetened fruit juice to help the ingredients liquefy more easily in a blender.

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Doctor Oz has personally concocted and perfected the recipe to his “green drink”, and once he shared it with his audience, it was an instant hit with the weight loss enthusiasts.

It’s an effective fat burner because it is very low in calories and high in fiber. On top of that, it is extremely rich in essential vitamins. By consuming the green drink, the body is more efficiently and more slowly absorbing the required nutrients for normal healthy body function. Because of this gradual and more efficient absorption, the body has less of a need to produce insulin. Getting your body’s insulin production to a healthier level will lead to less fat storage.

The high fiber content also ensure that the body is able to evacuate toxins, starches, and rapid-absorption components of unhealthy foods more readily.

It just means your body will turn into a fat burning machine!

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It’s not necessary to follow this recipe 100% exactly. You can always leave out some of the ingredients or change the amounts to taste. The above green drink recipe is just what Doctor Oz has recommended on his show. The more closely you follow Doctor Oz’s green drink recipe, the better results you will experience.

The Fat Loss Cleanse: Purging Toxins Resets Metabolism

Dieting Without This Is Useless

There are various reasons for the body storing fat, and they vary based on gender, region, genetics, stress levels, and other reasons.

Read our post on the Fat Loss Factor and watch a video on details for detoxing and re-balancing your body’s metabolic rate for fat loss.

Toxins In WomenHowever, there is one major reason the body stores fat that is consistent between all body types:

Your body stores fat to protect it from toxins.

 So what is the key factor for fat loss?

Purging the body of these toxins helps to re-calibrate the body’s metabolism and leads to natural and permanent fat loss.

It means that once you’ve completed the detox, you’re able to get back to your regular diet and eat what you want more than you might think!

Doing the detox cleanse requires just a few simple household items and things you can find at your average, higher-end grocery store.

Toxins Come From Everywhere Around Us

Toxins are unavoidable… Here are just a few examples of media through which toxins are introduced into our bodies:

  • Junk food
  • Pollution in the air
  • Contaminants in tap water
  • Lotions, creams & topical ointments
  • Medication (prescription & OTC)
  • The sun/tanning
  • Smoking (especially secondhand smoke)
  • And many more sources

However, we can get rid of them… and… we can train our bodies to permanently process them more efficiently.

The Fat Loss Factor – Consistent Dieting Does Not Work!

The basis for the Fat Loss Factor diet is mainly fruits and vegetables, but the cleansing detox is induced by things like cayenne pepper, Celtic sea salt, and other items (find out more here).

Many people that have weight issues are not the biggest fans of eating fruits and vegetables regularly, but…

The great part about the Fat Loss Factor diet is that you only have to do it for a few weeks.

Dieting does not work…

Dieting leads to rebounding

Firstly, people are human – we cannot stick to a strict dieting regimen that we hate…

We are going to eventually break down and eat just that one… irresistible thing… and all that fat comes right back!

The other thing is that dieting all the time is really a waste of time because your body is all out of whack… It’s an inefficient, fat-storing machine…

So… How can we turn it into an efficient, permanent, lean, mean, fat-burning machine?

The Fat Loss Factor diet and detox was designed for people who do not want to continue dieting for the rest of their lives.

Once you’ve detoxed and re-balanced your body into a fat-burning machine, you can begin to eat all of the foods you love once again (in moderation)…

Cleansing Process

(Also see http://lemondetox.net)


The fat loss is permanent and your body will be much more efficient at processing new fat introduced into the body by things like junk food.

Have you ever wondered how so many skinny people eat whatever they want and never get fat?

Is it just because they got a huge stroke of luck in the genetic lineage?

Perhaps that is true, but it certainly doesn’t mean you cannot achieve the same.

All one needs to do is reset their body’s energy/fat and toxin processing capabilities.

It isn’t easy for the first few weeks, but once you go through the strict detoxing cleanse, your life will have improved permanently.

You’ll feel better, look great, and… you’ll be able to get back to eating the foods you love.

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to give it a shot just yet… you may want to watch this video.

The Lemon Detox Diet

The lemon detox diet has been quit popular around the world for many years. It doesn’t just consist of lemons or lemon juice, but it is essential the most fundamental ingredient in the lemon detox.

A lemon detox consists of fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and clean water. Make sure that you do not use distilled water as it has a higher acidity (lower pH). Regular, filtered water has other minerals that neutralize the pH level and leads to much better results.

Some people also like to incorporate other things into their detoxifying diet, and you can find out more information about a complete cleanse here or why it can help you feel better and lose weight here.

Lemon Detox Diet Sheds 20 Lbs Off Beyonce

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Any detox diet is going to be quite difficult to stick to for most people. The main reason for this is because it requires fasting for a few days at minimum.

The difference between a lemon detox diet and Dr. Charles Livingston’s Fat Loss Factor (click for details) is that with the Fat Loss Factor cleanse you do not have to fast completely. You are freely able to eat fruits and vegetables as they do not introduce any new toxins into the body and actually help flush out old impurities more easily as more sustenance is available for the digestive system to take advantage of.

Detoxifying diets have been used for years but not just for weight loss. They help to dramatically improve your energy levels and vitality. People who are strong enough to go through with the entire process have reported to feel much better. It is always wise to consult with a nutritionist or medical doctor to ensure that your body is healthy enough for any type of detox diet.

Doctor Oz’s 7-Minute Workout: Morning Exercise Routing

Having a great day starts with good preparations the night before. Obviously, getting a good night’s sleep is vital. However, when you wake up tired and groggy that next morning, is there anything you can do from that point on to ensure your day will be as fulfilling as possible?

Doctor Oz’s 7-minute workout routine is something many of his fans continue to inquire about. When you get a good start to the day with stretching and warming up your muscles, not only will you feel much better during the day, but it also helps boost your metabolism. When you boost your metabolism in a healthy manner, it will facilitate eating right and make it more natural.

Any worthwhile exercise routine starts with a significant amount of stretching. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time doing it, but you do want to exert a substantial amount of energy in this part of your routine. Of course, don’t overdo this either because you can cause damage to your muscles and tendons if you overstretch or do it too fast.

Yoga positions and deep, rhythmic breathing is the next step to the 7-minute morning workout. This helps increase blood flow which in turn then helps your body more optimally deliver nutrients. In terms of weight loss, it all comes back to your metabolism. If your body is adequately being supplied nutrients and burning energy in a consistent manner, your body will adjust to this healthy routine and dump excess stored energy – fat.

A lot of folks ask Dr Oz whether 7 minutes is really enough for a workout routine. Again, this all depends on your body type and what you are trying to accomplish, but it’s not always about the amount of time spent. An effective exercise routine for weight loss is more about intensity and the specific steps in the routine.

The 7-minute workout was really a morning exercise routine developed to provide a healthy start to the day and help you feel better throughout the entire day.

Combining the 7-minute workout with the use of green coffee extract makes for an extremely fast, effective, healthy, and… shockingly simple weight loss regimen.

Study Shows Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Leads To Weight Loss?

Pure green coffee bean extract comes from the green coffee beans that have not been roasted like ordinary coffee. Many of us have heard about it from either Oprah or Dr. Oz on their talk shows, but why has green coffee created such a hype all of a sudden?

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NLMIn western culture and most other cultures, coffee has always been consumed in roasted form for flavor and caffeine. However, there are other cultures around the world who have been consuming coffee beans without roasting them.

ChemistA study was conducted and presented at the American Chemical Society (and published here by National Library of Medine) to determine whether green coffee held any positive properties for efficient and healthy weight reduction in overweight participants.

There were 16 subjects between the ages of 22 and 46 years old who were clinically determined to be overweight or obese. The study was conducted for 22 weeks in the form of a randomized, double-blind experiment.

Subjects received either a placebo, a 700 mg GCA (low dose), or 1050 mg (high dose) capsule randomly for six-week periods with two-week off periods. The subjects were to incorporate the intake with no change in their diet.

Results showed that a body fat percentage of −4.44% ± 2.00% was lost in subjects during the time the GCA was taken.

These results were congruent with previous experimentation in animals, and thus substantiates the claim that pure green coffee bean extract is an efficient and healthy weight loss supplement.

Weight loss due to green coffee appears to be equally effective for both men and women as the 16 subjects were comprised of 8 women and 8 men.

Even though these subjects neither consumed a diet nor utilized any significant exercise routine during the study, there was a −8.04 ± 2.31 kg reduction in body weight, and consequently, their heart rate lowered to healthier levels of −2.56 ± 2.85 beats per minute.

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As with any weight loss regimen, a healthy diet and appropriate amount of exercise should be integrated, but the use of green coffee extract will evidently increase the efficacy of fat reduction.

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